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Wah Gwan? – greeting in Jamaican Patois

We are so glad that you have arrived at Cocobelly Bites.

This is the place dedicated for sharing the food and flavors that we grew up with. C’mon and grab some bites while we connect our conversations and taste buds to the island of Jamaica. Let’s allow the belly to rule the mind. Ya Mon!

A little more About Us.

Bites for Your Belly

We take pride in making handmade and delicious Jamaican bites and our mission is to bring these bites to Somerville and beyond.

Our Bites

Jamaican Patty A flavorful pastry that is traditional filled with ground beef. The pastry color emerges from the curry/turmeric spices which also lends to it’s distinct taste. Today you can find the Jamaican patty with various fillings from curry chicken, ackee and even lobster. The most common way Jamaicans eat their patty is to slip it into a cocobread, basically like a sandwich. Get ready to bite into our homemade flaky patties.

Traditional Beef: Seasoned ground beef, carrots and an onion sauteed mixture.

Curry Chicken: Seasoned shredded curry chicken, carrots simmered in coconut milk.

Callaloo Veggie: Seasoned callaloo greens with tomato, carrot, corn, green beans and an onion sauteed mixture.

Sides and Refreshers

Plaintains: Sweet & salty side of sliced fried ripe plaintains.

Sorrel Refresher: A refreshing sweet yet tart gingery hibiscus drink.

Ginger Refresher: A punch of ginger with a hint of lime drink.


Jamaican patty production for Somerville Farmer’s Market in Union Square. Be sure to take a peek at our full photo album!

Small batch handmade patties ready for your freezer

Frozen Patty Packs

The results are fresh baked patties

Hot Traditional Beef