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June 19th: Nibble Kitchen Popup on Juneteenth

Many THANKS to everyone that dropped into the popup at Nibble Kitchen in Bow Market to enjoy a hot patty, side of plaintains and sorrel refresher. Going in we were unsure of how many diners would come out on a Monday afternoon. However we were pleasantly suprised and promise to have more at our next popup.

Cocobelly Bites Popup

Beef Patty Goodness

Patties made with Love

May 27th: Somerville Farmer’s Market

Introducing the market shoppers to our handmade Jamaican bites on a nice sunny Saturday. Our samples were well received and a THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to stopped by, have a sample and chat.

Cocobelly Bites Buttons

Gizzada Display

Patty Samples

May 16th: Cooking Class

A group of people coming together at Nibble Kitchen to discuss Jamaica’s food and culture while enjoying the island’s national dish of ackee and saltfish craddle in a plaintain cup with a side of fried dumplings

Group Discussion with Food

Plate of Food